Dental Social Media Marketing Everybody is on social media! As dentist it is easy to connect with your patients and potential patients through social media share testimonials and get quality referrals. Setting up fun games and with small incentives has proven to be the most effective way for dentists to attract more patients to their social media sites like Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram (only to name a few)

 Dental Facebook Marketing

facebooklmg2When it comes to Social Media the biggest social media network is Facebook. For any local business it is very the most important social network to be part of. Giving your current followers an incentive to share their recent experience in your store with their friends is a great why to get more followers to your Facebook page in a viral way. We will set up an interactive Facebook application where your followers and people viewing your Facebook page can vote on one of your products or services to receive a small coupon of your choice. As an incentive for voting they will receive a coupon from you in exchange for posting a promotional post to their timeline. This application will increase your current Facebook Fans in a viral way.How to turn your Facebook followers into new dental patients

Giving your current followers an incentive to take action on your Facebook page by rewarding them with a time sensitive coupon will help you get your fans to your physical location. There are 2 couple of ways this can be done the most effective one is to utilize the above mentioned voting application.


Twitter for dentists

dental social 4Twitter has become the most quoted information source for pop culture and news as it is the fastest way of sharing important news to your following. There are 200 million active users on Twitter and those users send an average of 400 million Tweets every day.


From your newest mobile app to a popular event. Getting your message heard and retweeted on twitter is a very effective way of broadcasting your message and increasing you social influence.

Our Twitter Marketing Service includes

Increasing your Twitter Followers We will help your grow your twitter following by using several proven twitter marketing strategies -Hash Tag Marketing for Twitter Grow your Twitter following by using Twitter marketing strategies such as hash tag marketing -Turn your Twitter followers into customers Growing your brand and customer base with post engagement strategies and social media offers.


dental social 5YouTube for dentists

Why Use Video Marketing?
As the leading online video sharing company Youtube has over 1 Billion unique users world wide. According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. Posting a video about your company, product or services on YouTube

SEO For YouTube Videos

How to optimizing your YouTube videos for Google and YouTube search. – On-page optimization for title and description – keyword targeting text and interlinking – keyword tags Off-page optimization (please refer to above description of off-page SEO)

YouTube Advertising:

We will advertise you videos to our channels to increase the likes and views to your videos.