When it comes to SEO for dentists there are many aspects to consider!


Seeing the big picture of your digital and online presence to improve and optimize your online business growth is an essential part for any medical business specially for dentists and dental clinics. Having experts on yours side that evaluate and optimize your online presence to its fullest potential is essential to any business growth particularly in the medical field. Working on a holistic approach for your website and online marketing is what are medical web consulting services are all about…


Search engine optimization aka SEO is an important part for any business nowadays. This is particularly true when it comes to the medical professions including dentistry. Dentist SEO strategies have their own challenges that need to be dealt with, with a special Dental SEO service. Keywords based on all the dental services you as a dentist provide are a very important factor. These keywords can include dental veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants an many more depending on your scope of service. Once the keywords have the right targeting you will need a dental copywriter – a general copywriter will not get you the desired conversions and rankings.



Quality SEO Services For Dentists in 2017

Our targeted SMART SEO services for dentists are the most advanced in the industry. We work with high quality cutting-edge SEO strategies to get you on the first page and to the top of Google search. Working with many dentists nation wide we have gained the experience necessary to fine tune our dental SEO services to needs you dentists in any reageon. As a dentist on the first page of Google, you will be seeing seeing increasing traffic and contact requests that will translate into new business for your dental business.

Top Dental SEO Services – New SEO for Dentists

At LMG our SEO department has a special division specialinzing in SEO for dentists as well as dentists who specialize in specific treatments such as: sedation dentistry, workers comp, implant dentistry, Invisalign®, teeth withening... Very competitive dental SEO keywords require indepth analysis and advanced SEO strategies to rank #1 in Google. Our customized SEO service for Dentists and dental professionals includes our latest SMART SEO strategies for dentists in any location.

3 Step Dental SEO Process

  • Dental SEO Keywords 60%
  • Dental On-page SE0 70%
  • Dental Off-Page SEO 90%
Step 1 – Keyword Market Intelligence

The first and most important step to attract more visitors to your website with search engine optimization (SEO) is to research relevant keywords/search terms that will best convert into buying customers. These should be keywords that your potential customers will most likely use when they are looking to buy one of your products. Your keywords are extremely important for your business growth and should be chosen wisely. Once the keywords have been mutually selected the next step is to choose a ranking object (destination URL such as website destination or video) to optimize for On-page optimization.

Step 2 – On-Page Optimization

The second step for our holistic SEO is on-page search engine optimization. During this phase the destination URLs such as website destination video or hub-page will be optimized to supply the search engine spiders (algorithmic search programs) the most accurate and necessary information to rank as the most relevant web property. Once the relevancy of you web property has been established. All SEO work can be focused on Off-page SEO to ensure that your now most relevant web content also becomes the most popular web content and by this ranking with the top search results of your desired keywords. Included in our On-page search engines optimization Are important aspects like analyzing your competition, analyzing your website, and if necessary we will make specific changes to the fundamental web code on your website by assessing: Meta Tags, Content Optimization, URL Optimization, Site Structure and Social Media Integration.

Step 3 – Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimization is very important for ranking as it shows the search engines that your site is the most popular and most relevant for your desired keywords. Our off page optimization services include:
– Link Building: Re-optimizing older links and acquire a healthy amount of new links through link swapping, microblog networks, bookmarks.
– Social Media Signals: Increasing the popularity of your webpages with Facebook Shares, Twitter Retweets, Linked-in Shares and Pinterest Pins as they are becoming more and more valuable to search engine algorithms, as they determine the true popularity of websites.

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